Blue Jay Parents Take Advantage of Used Book, Uniform, and Novel Sale

Posted August 9, 2017 / Last updated August 15, 2017

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Blue Jay parent volunteers Alison James and Jane Fortier help fellow parents navigate their used book checklists.

The 2017 Used Book, Used Uniform, and Used Novel Sale attracted hundreds of Blue Jays and their parents on the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 9. The third floor hallway was filled with people eagerly shopping for deals at the annual sale, with some of the first Blue Jay parents in line as early as 6 a.m.

This year, it was not just a sale for used books. Volunteers revamped the event to include used uniforms and used novels. The uniforms and novels were dropped off on Tuesday as donations to Jesuit. The purpose of the sale is simple — to save Jesuit families as much money as possible on the price of text books.

The sale offers opportunities for many parents to cash in on both ends. By recycling their sons’ textbooks, parents are able to reclaim half the price on books they purchased the year before. At the same time, other students buy the books and novels required for their classes at a 50 percent discount. All of the used books, novels, and uniforms are in good to excellent condition.

Jesuit is grateful to parent volunteers, led by Alison James and Christine Zazulak, who made the 2017 sale a successful, smooth process: Jeannie Redmann, Karen Sentilles, Dilcia Obando, Amy Maniscalco, Tammi Major, Jill Stoner, Libby Tittle, Deborah Gillen, Lori Ryan, Cindy Wooderson, Jane Fortier, Lauren Eccles, Dawn Casebonne, Lori Lorentz, Elizabeth Finger, Thu Holmes, and Sharon Barreca.

JMR_1452Pick-Up Date for Unsold Books

ONLY Thursday, Aug. 10,  9 AM – 2 PM in Room 329

Pick-Up Dates for Money

Thurs., Aug. 10, 9 AM – 2 PM in Room 329

Aug. 21 – 25 during school hours in the principal’s office (Room 235, Administration Wing)

All money not picked up by Friday, Aug. 25 will become the property of Jesuit.


Used Book Drop Off and Sale Procedure

 If you have questions about the book sale, please contact Christine Zazulak at