Mu Alpha Theta Finishes Second Overall in State Convention

Posted April 4, 2017 / Last updated April 10, 2017

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Mu Alpha Theta officers (from left) junior Timmy Stahel,, senior Christian Gonzalez, senior Samy Amkieh, junior David Gravolet, and senior Andrew Souther.

The Jesuit team placed second overall in the 2017 Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta State Math Convention that took place March 30 – April 1 in Baton Rouge. Jesuit also earned the 1st place trophy for the video contest and the 4th place award for the t-shirt contest.

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The Blue Jay Team, consisting of 68 students, was led by Mu Alpha Theta officers senior Christian Gonzalez, senior Samy Amkieh, junior Timmy Stahel, junior David Gravolet, and senior Andrew Souther. More than 700 students from 33 different schools competed in the convention. The Blue Jays were accompanied by teachers Mrs. Kate Brauner, Ms. Jo Ann Schexnayder, Mrs. Leslie Merritt, Mrs. Yvonne Leger, Mr. Rob Weiss, Mr. Michael Armelin, and Mr. Paul Rogers.


Full Results

Overall 2nd place Sweepstakes winner


Interschool Tests

Theta (Geometry and Algebra II): 1st

Alpha (Analysis): 3rd

Mu (Calculus): 6th


Math Bowl Finals
Theta Teams:

Sophomores Matthew Vlosich, Matthew Dowling, Jonathan Sanders, and Jack Zvonek: 3rd

Sophomores Sean Svihla, Tyler Lobitz, Nicholas Cibilich, and junior Daniel Sentilles: 4th

Alpha Team:

Juniors David Gravolet, Austin Tran, Malcolm Sundell, and Graeme Mjehovich: 2nd


Sophomore Bradley Fugetta: 3rd

Freshman Milan Mardia: 4th

Mu B Gemini Team:

Sophomores Charles Korndorffer and Miller Goldenberg: 1st

Hustle Team:

Junior Caleb Rogers, sophomore William Schott, junior Clay Talbot, and senior Jack Quaglino: 2nd

Theta Gemini Teams:

Sophomores Aidan Walker and Christopher Vuong: 2nd

Freshmen Frederick Junius and Dominic Stoner: 3rd

Alpha Gemini Team:

Juniors Garrett Crumb and Michael Farrugia: 1st


Sophomore Matthew Dowling was the top cipherer.


Other Top Results in Games
Theta Ciphering Team:

Freshmen Tom Levy and William Wells, sophomore Jack Grady, and junior Franco Funes: 6th

Mu B Ciphering Team:

Seniors Christian Gonzalez, Samy Amkieh, Andrew Souther, Preston Warwick: 5th

Alpha Gemini Team:

Juniors Nick Leonik and Ryan Tucker: 7th

Alpha Ciphering Team:

Juniors Paul James, Manuel Molina, John Thomas Holmes, Jonathan Arnold: 7th

Theta Gemini Team:

Sophomores Peter James and Josef Ernst: 8th

Individual Test Awards

Freshman Colby Zito: 3rd

Freshman Dylan Sellars: 4th

Freshman Dominic Stoner: 6th

Freshman Milan Mardia: 9th

Freshman Alec Scheffler: 10th

Freshman William Wells: 15th

Theta (Algebra II):

Sophomore Christopher Vuong: 4th

Sophomore Jonathan Sanders: 8th

Sophomore Jack Zvonek: 14th

Alpha (Analysis):

Junior Austin Tran: 3rd

Junior Michael Farrugia: 6th

Junior Caleb Rogers: 11th

Junior Garrett Crumb: 19th


Senior Christian Gonzalez: 5th

Area Tests

Freshman William Wells: 1st

Frshman Tom Levy: 5th

Freshman Alec Scheffler: 6th

Freshman Dylan Sellars: 10th

Freshamn Colby Zito: 14th

Analysis (Advanced Math):

Junior Paul James: 3rd

Junior Nick Leonik: 4th

Junior Brenner Rauch: 14th

Mu B (Calculus):

Senior Andrew Souther: 3rd

Theta Algebra II:

Sophopmore Peter James: 4th

Junior Andrew Fugetta: 12th

Sophomore Reece de Boisblanc: 16th

Analysis (Trigonometry):

Junior John Thomas Holmes: 3rd

Junior Leo John Arnett: 7th

Junior Emory Ducote: 10th

Junior Ryan Tucker: 11th

Junior Timmy Stahel: 14th

Junior Luke Sisung: 15th