Father-Daughter Initiative Reels ’Em in at 2016 Fishing Rodeo

Posted June 28, 2016 / Last updated July 23, 2016

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Peyton Cox '17 (Redfish, Division 2); James Bonck '05 (I don't think this is correct, but winners sheet has Bonck listed); Ray Faugeaux '73 (Red Snapper, Division 1); Lenny Labiche (Speckled Trout, Division 1; he's not listed as an alumnus on winners sheet ); father-daughter category lists Olivia & David (looks like) Loule or Laule; Damon Dimotto (or Dimatto) (Five Trout Stringer); Zack Robert '17 (Red Snapper, Division 2); Blake Dulcich '17 (Flounder, Speckled Trout, Division 2; George Haydel (Biggest Fish).

Some of the first place winners of Jesuit’s 24th Fishing Rodeo are, from left: Peyton Cox ’17 (Redfish, Division 2); Jamie Bonck (Sheepshead); Ray Faugeaux ’73 (Red Snapper, Division 1); Lenny Labiche (Speckled Trout, Division 1); Olivia & David Lavie ’84 (Father & Daughter); Damon DiMarco (Five-Trout Stringer); Zack Robert ’16 (Red Snapper, Division 2); Blake Dulcich ’17 (Flounder, Speckled Trout, Division 2); and George Haydel (Biggest Fish).

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The best catch at John Ryan Stadium on Saturday, June 25, did not occur in the outfield…or the infield, for that matter.

Record heat did little to deter more than 200 anglers, families, and friends from enjoying Jesuit’s 24th Fishing Rodeo. The weigh-in festivities were held under the Wally Pontiff, Jr. Pavilion and the adjacent Blue & White Big Top that was added to the layout in 2015 to accommodate additional attendees.

A new feature for 2016 was a “Father & Daughter” category, which attracted 13 pairs of competitors. David Lavie ’84 and his daughter Olivia walked away with the first place trophy. All daughters received a special gift, courtesy of rodeo chairman Mike McMahon ’85.

The icy, fish display case — added several years ago — featured a gorgeous golden tilefish, several beautiful bass, two giant jack crevale, and a pair of rangy redfish.

Assisting the chairman were committee members Art Brewster ’87 (door prizes); Drew Burnside (CCA registration); Larry Canada, Michael Heier ’05, and Chris Mills ’80 (weighmasters); Carol Besselman, Amy McMahon, and Letty Jane Clark (check-in); Br. Billy Dardis, S.J. ’58, Gary Discon ’75, and Ryan Gootee ’91 (awards); Andy Fuller ’96 (trophies); Jim Hotard ’81 (mullet toss); George Haydel, Rookie Leopold ’61, and Jude Trahant ’80 (prizes); D.J. Galiano ’07 (music); Meghan Weaver (registration/promotion); Angelle & Ernest Pierre (clean-up crew); and Floyd and Peggy Guidry (stadium operations).

Plans are already underway for an extravaganza of epic proportions to celebrate the Rodeo’s 25th anniversary.


Division 1 (19 and older)

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Bass Jamie Bonck  2.98 Andy Bruzdzinski  2.75 Bern Lacour  1.76
Flounder Michael Schafer ’05  2.20 Michael McMahon ’15  1.19 NE (No Entry)
Black Drum NE NE NE
Sheepshead James Bonck ’05  7.35 Michael DeGruy ’97  6.82 Michael McMahon ’15  4.77
Speckled Trout Lenny Labiche  3.17 David Farnsworth  3.15 Ryan Gootee ’91  2.67
Redfish (16″-27″) Meghan Brashear  9.14 Kyle DiMarco ’16  8.30 Chris Johnson ’11  8.17
Red Snapper Ray Faugeaux ’73  12.98 Michael Heier ’05  12.51 Drew Necaise ’05  12.49

Division 2 (18 and under)

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Bass Colin Bruzdzinski ’21  2.82 Peyton Hedrick ’19  2.08 Nicholas Lacour ’19  .97
Flounder Blake Dulcich ’17  1.04 NE NE
Black Drum NE NE NE
Sheepshead Connor Discon  4.88 John Discon  4.61 Mark Aspiazu, Jr. ’92  4.43
Speckled Trout Blake Dulcich ’17  3.61 Blake Dulcich ’17  2.96 Blake Dulcich ’17  2.55
Redfish Peyton Cox ’17  7.18 Corey Dublin ’17  7.09 Brian Balestra III ’20  7.08
Red Snapper Zack Robert ’16  14.15 Zack Charneco ’19  12.52 Mikey Elvir ’17  11.26

Division 3  (All)

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
5-Trout Stringer Damon DiMarco  16.00 Timmy Peterman  12.04 Meghan Brashear  7.64

Division 4  (All)

Category 1st
Biggest Fish George Haydel

Division 5  (All)

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Father & Daughter Olivia & Davie Lavie ’84 Meghan Brashear & Mike McGlone ’68 Vivienne & Jim Hotard ’81