Tuition Information

First and foremost, Jesuit High School’s tuition is one of the least expensive tuition among Catholic and private high schools in the New Orleans area. Jesuit strives to keep tuition at a level affordable to most families.

Basic Tuition 2018-19 (includes most fees): $9,450
Registration Fee for New Students Only: $200
(This is a one-time non-refundable fee for new students due upon their acceptance, and is in addition to the basic tuition.)

Jesuit’s 2017-18 tuition was $9,150.

Tuition Process

  • Jesuit’s finance office mails tuition bills in the middle of June and the middle of November.
  • The full sum of tuition is payable either in a lump sum, or half by July 15, and the remaining half by December 1.
  • A 2.5% convenience fee is assessed for tuition payments made with a credit card.
  • The school will notify the parents of any student whose tuition account is in arrears.
  • A student will not be promoted to the next grade level, be allowed to graduate, or receive any transcripts until all indebtedness to the school has been satisfied, including any fines incurred by the student.

Since the founding of Jesuit High School in 1847, no qualified young man has been refused admission because his family could not afford to pay all or part of the tuition. Financial Assistance is available for families that cannot afford to pay all or part of Jesuit’s tuition.

Obviously it takes a great deal of effort to ensure Jesuit remains available to young men from all socio-economic strata.

Jesuit flourishes because of the generosity of its alumni and its parents who recognize the importance and value of a Jesuit education. Each year, through the Parents’ Annual Giving drive, parents voluntarily contribute the difference (the gap) between tuition and the actual cost of educating a Jesuit student. Parents give what they can afford.

Alumni also help defray expenses and keep tuition affordable by their generous contributions to the Alumni Giving Drive (AGD).

For more information about tuition or financial assistance, contact Jesuit’s finance officer, Tooraj Badie at (504) 483-3845 or