Faculty and Staff Directory

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Pamela S. Catalano

Science, Physical Science

National Honor Society, Co-Moderator

Magic Club, Moderator


(504) 483-3892

Voice Mail Ext. 4282

Gino M. Giambelluca

Science, Physical Science

Physical Education, P.E. III

Football, Asst. Coach

Baseball, Asst. Coach


(504) 483-3892

Voice Mail Ext. 4281

Karen Harper

Science, Environmental Science


(504) 483-3892

Voice Mail Ext. 4280

Sharon S. Hewlett

Information Technology, Director

Information Technology, Faculty Computer Instructor

Computer Studies, Computer Science I


(504) 483-3992

Voice Mail Ext. 3992

Joseph M. Latino

Asst. Athletic Director

Science, Biology I


(504) 483-3916

Voice Mail Ext. 4267

D. Sheridan Moran

Science, Physical Science

Physical Education, P.E. III

Wrestling, Head Coach


(504) 483-3929

Voice Mail Ext. 4278

Peter C. Muller ’81

Science, Chemistry I H, II AP

Classics, Latin I

Quiz Bowl Team, Co-Moderator

Bio-Technology Club, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3950

Voice Mail Ext. 4220

Khanh T. Nguyen

Mathematics, Geometry

Science, Physics, Physics H

Student Council, Co-Moderator

Asian Club, Co-Moderator


(504) 483-3895

Voice Mail Ext. 4203