Touch ’n Go Scanning System

Jesuit’s cafeteria uses the Touch ’n Go Scanning System which identifies and associates points on the finger with an individual student’s meal account, automatically deducts the money from the account, and records the date.

Touch ’n Go Scanning offers many more benefits over cash and student-ID card scanning including the following items:

1. Touch ’n Go Scanning provides security for student lunch accounts.

Only the student’s finger may access his lunch account.

Numbers are easily shared, stolen or forgotten.

2. Touch ’n Go Scanning removes the social stigma associated with subsidized participation in the meal program.

No one knows who is receiving free or reduced charge meals or who is paying full price for meals.

3. Touch ’n Go Scanning provides faster, more accurate meal lines by eliminating the following problems.

  • Cashiers have difficulty hearing students state their number as they go through the lunch lines.
  • Whenever a student forgets his number, the cashier must take the time to enter the student’s name in order to retrieve his account.
  • Whenever a student uses another student’s number, the student whose number is used is billed for the meal.
  • Although students were supposed to use their ID cards in the scanners this past year, they often did not have their school ID cards on them and had to give the cashiers their account number.

The idea of “finger printing” students has raised privacy concerns among parents and school leaders at first. The Touch ’n Go Scanning System does not use the entire fingerprint, nor does it store the image. The technology uses “finger imaging” to create a template of numbers corresponding with the unique swirls and arches of each print. The fingerprint image is discarded and all that remains is the number. The image cannot be reconstructed, duplicated, or used for any other identification purposes.

For assistance, ideas, or comments, contact Ann Broussard, cafeteria manager, at (504) 483-3857 or stop by the cafeteria.