Forensics (Debate) Team

Currently Jesuit’s Debate Team competes in Advanced Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate, and Public Forum Debate. Throughout its long history, Jesuit has competed successfully in a variety of speech and debate activities. The team’s earliest debate activity was Policy (CX) Debate and the team also competed in a variety of Individual Events (in addition to Student Congress) throughout the years. Jesuit began competing in Lincoln-Douglas Debate in the 1980s and began competing in Public Forum debate in 2008. Jesuit stopped competing in Policy in 2005 after Katrina and stopped competing in Individual Events (IEs) in 2008. Below you can find some of the Debate Team’s accomplishments through the years as well as information about the Jesuit Forensics Hall of Fame. Much information concerning earlier years in the program has been lost through time. If you have more information that we may be missing, or if you have any questions about the Debate Team, please contact Ian Gunn at