Financial Assistance

Jesuit High School of New Orleans is partnering with First Bank and Trust (FBT) to process online financial aid applications for parents applying for tuition assistance. First Bank and Trust provides a secure, online, independent financial analysis to assist Jesuit families in determining financial aid eligibility.

The primary requisite for receiving a financial aid scholarship is the family’s inability to pay full tuition.

Beginning March 1, 2019, families may begin the online process by going to to set up a User Id and Password on the FBT portal. A parent already set up as a “user” on the portal may use their existing ID and password.

From the Dashboard, parents should click on the “Financial Aid” tab then click on the “First Bank and Trust Partner Schools” link.

From the “Start” page, all fields and sections that apply to the applicant’s family should be completed.

The following information is needed to complete the application:

  1. Copy of signed, most recent federal form 1040 income tax return with all W-2’s
  2. Copies of two (2) most recent employment paystubs for all applicants
  3. Copies of all non-taxable income documentation (Social Security and Disability Income)
  4. Documentation of monthly rental expense (if applicable)
  5. Court orders showing alimony, child support, and any financial agreements

From the “Documentation” page, the required documents must be uploaded through a secure online process. Documents may also be faxed to First Bank and Trust to the attention of “Financial Aid Processing” at (504) 620-1450 or mailed to First Bank and Trust, 909 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112.

Once the online application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent from FBT. If additional information or documentation is required, a bank representative will reach out at the email address or phone number provided.

Once the application has been reviewed, information will be forwarded to Jesuit for a final determination in awarding tuition assistance, and parents will be notified by the school of the results of the application. Tuition assistance results will not be sent from FBT.

For more information about financial assistance, contact Jesuit’s finance officer, Tooraj Badie at (504) 483-3845 or