Financial Assistance

By virtue of a fund established in 1926 by Mr. Henry C. Prevost, in memory of his son, Francis J. Prevost, Jesuit High School is able to reduce the cost of tuition for students eligible to attend, but whose families are unable to pay full tuition.

The primary requisite for receiving a financial aid scholarship is the family’s financial inability to pay full tuition.

Jesuit does not award academic or athletic scholarships.

Scholarship funds that have been established by the school, individuals, and families provide the financial assistance for many deserving students and their families. Collectively, Jesuit’s Endowed Scholarships constitute Jesuit’s endowment fund. Income derived from the fund’s investments is earmarked for financial assistance and also helps offset the school’s operating expenses.

It is important to note that contributions to the annual Parents’ Annual Giving (PAG) and the Alumni Giving drives are NOT used for financial assistance. Donations by parents and alumni to those two particular campaigns are used to defray the school’s operating expenses.

How to Obtain Financial Assistance

A full or partial financial assistance scholarship is administered as follows:

  • The student first must be accepted to Jesuit High School.
  • The parent or guardian should request the financial assistance application packet from Jesuit’s finance office in March (483-3843).
  • The application is for the following academic year. It must be completed and returned, along with the appropriate documents, to the finance office no later than April 30.
  • The application is reviewed by qualified independent consultants who make recommendations directly and confidentially to the president of Jesuit High School.
  • The amount of the scholarship grant is certified in writing by the president.
  • The student who is the recipient of financial assistance must consent to accept a work assignment to compensate Jesuit High School, in whole or part, as a condition for receiving assistance.
  • Failure to complete this work assignment will result in the loss of the financial assistance.
  • Jesuit understands the confidential nature of financial assistance and does not disclose the names of students or the families who receive such aid.

Thousands of alumni cherish the Jesuit education they received through the availability of this financial assistance program. That tradition continues today.

Each academic year, Jesuit’s scholarship program provided numerous Jesuit families with more than half a million dollars in financial assistance. Tuition assistance is based on financial need only. Jesuit does not award academic or athletic scholarships. All aid is based on need and recipients participate in the school’s work program. Failure to complete the work assignment will result in the loss of the scholarship.

For more information about tuition or financial assistance, contact Jesuit’s finance officer, Tooraj Badie at (504) 483-3845 or