Admissions Criteria

An applicant for the pre-freshman or freshman year must have satisfactorily completed the seventh or eighth grade of elementary school or its equivalent.

The applicant is accepted on the basis of:

  • his previous academic performance (grades and standardized test scores),
  • recommendations of teachers, principal, and/or church parish pastor,
  • promise of future development, and
  • his desire to profit from the moral, spiritual, academic, and athletic programs offered by the school.

In some cases, a personal interview with the applicant and his parents may be required.

Letters of recommendation are discouraged and are not considered part of the admissions process.

Jesuit admits male students without regard to race, religion, creed, or national or ethnic origin.

As a general policy, a student is not allowed to repeat a grade level upon entering Jesuit High School.

Transfer Students

Ordinarily, students are not admitted at the junior or senior levels.

A student may be considered for admission into the sophomore class only if his previous course of studies can be integrated with Jesuit High School’s program, and he can fulfill the school’s academic requirements for graduation. An entrance examination may be required. Jesuit must have received an official transcript of credits directly from the high school he last attended, along with a letter of recommendation from that school’s principal and/or major teacher.

As a general policy, a transfer student will not be allowed to repeat a grade level upon entering Jesuit High School.