Blue & White Day Guidelines

Blue and White Days are days when we celebrate Jesuit spirit by wearing the school colors. Take part in a great tradition of spirit.

Student Guidelines

  1. Students may substitute for their khaki uniform shirts any of the following:
    1. royal blue shirt with a collar.
    2. white shirt with a collar.
    3. a royal blue and white shirt with a collar.
  2. The only t-shirts that may be worn are Jesuit-imprinted shirts (such as team or club shirts). T-shirts must be royal blue, white, or light gray Jesuit-imprinted shirts.
  3. Name tags need not be worn by students participating in the day by wearing any of the above. Students who wear uniforms are expected to wear name tags.
  4. All shirts must be in good condition and must be kept tucked in.
  5. All other parts of the uniform are to be worn as usual (dress shoes, khaki pants, belt, etc.).

Faculty Guidelines

Faculty are encouraged to participate in Blue and White Day. Faculty should wear a blue, a white, or a blue and white shirt with a collar, or an appropriate t-shirt or sweatshirt over a collared shirt.