Robotics Takes Top Honors in State, Advances to Regionals

Posted January 28, 2016 / Last updated February 2, 2016

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Robotics Team members participating in the FTC Louisiana State Championship were (from left, back row) moderator Eric Leefe ’03, John Crowson, James Bragg, Luke Navarro, Emory Ducote, Todd Crabtree, Hayes Martin,  Reece deBoisblanc, Andrew Stapp, and moderator Kyle White.  Front row, Mikey Elvir, Julian Mahfouz, and P.J. Huete.

Robotics Team members participating in the FTC Louisiana State Championship were (from left, back row) moderator Eric Leefe ’03, junior John Crowson, freshman James Bragg, junior Luke Navarro, sophomore Emory Ducote, junior Todd Crabtree, pre-freshman Hayes Martin, freshman Reece de Boisblanc, freshman Andrew Stapp, and moderator Kyle White; (from left, front row) junior Mikey Elvir, junior Julian Mahfouz, and pre-freshman P.J. Huete.

The Jesuit Robotics Team #6448 won the highest honors – first in competition and the Inspire Award – in First Tech Challenge (FTC) Louisiana State Championship and will advance to regionals. This marks the fourth consecutive year that the team has advanced to the regional championship.

Jesuit Robotics team #6448, along with 12 other teams from across Louisiana, traveled to Baton Rouge to compete in the the all-day tournament hosted at Woodlawn High on Saturday, Jan. 23.

The Blue Jays began the tournament in 3rd place but moved up throughout the day with 4 wins and only 1 loss.  This result allowed the Blue Jays to advance as the 1st place seed in the elimination bracket that afternoon.  As alliance captain for the elimination rounds, Jesuit selected Team Pyrogen (#8956, Northshore HS) as their alliance partner and proceeded to score an exciting season-high 234 points in the 2nd round of the semi-finals match. The Jesuit/Northshore alliance would go on to win the semi-final round 2-0 and the finals round 2-1.

For the second time ever, and over the last two years, the Blue Jays won the Inspire Award (PDF).  The Inspire Award is the highest level of achievement at an FTC competition; it incorporates the elements of all other award categories by recognizing excellence in performance, robot design, and teamwork.

Robotics_20160123_StateChamps_02webWinning the Inspire award advances team 6448 to the Southeast Texas Regional Championship on Feb. 6 at San Jacinto College.

Robotics Team members participating in the competition were freshman James Bragg, junior Todd Crabtree, junior John Crowson, freshman Reece de Boisblanc, sophomore Emory Ducote, junior Mikey Elvir, pre-freshman P.J. Huete, junior Julian Mahfouz, pre-freshman Hayes Martin, junior Luke Navarro, and freshman Andrew Stapp. The team is moderated by Mr. Kyle White and Mr. Eric Leefe ’03.