Alumni Return to Offer Advice and Inspire Lives on Career Day 2016

Posted January 27, 2016 / Last updated March 31, 2016

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Alumni gather in St. Ignatius Hall before they begin giving Career Day presentations on Jan. 27, 2016.

Alumni gather in St. Ignatius Hall before they begin giving Career Day presentations on Jan. 27, 2016.

Alumni are a great resource to today’s Blue Jays. One way yesterday’s students connect with the students of 2016 is by offering insight and practical advice about various careers. On Wednesday, Jan. 27, 38 alumni spoke to the seniors and juniors about 28 specific careers ranging from engineering to education on Jesuit’s annual Career Day. (See the attached list for the complete offerings and speakers.)

New offerings this year were Digital and Social Media Advertising and Mental Health / Counseling. In two 30-minute sessions, the alumni speakers covered such topics as a look at a typical day in the office, future outlook of the field, college preparation, getting experience, salary, and service opportunities within the field.

While the upperclassmen heard about specific careers, the sophomores, freshmen, and pre-freshmen assembled in the auditorium to hear about career paths in general. After Jesuit guidance counselor Donald Songy ’07 offered advice to the underclassmen, alumnus Nick Rauber of the Class of 1998 gave life to Songy’s suggestions by telling his story of how he got to where he is today.

In an inspiring 40 minute presentation, Rauber told the young Jays of how he was able to channel his passions into a life of service and adventure. Rauber balances his dental practice in Baton Rouge with his numerous charitable endeavors. While a 17 year-old at Jesuit, he founded Swollfest, a fishing rodeo that eventually became a major financial supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and other charities to the tune of more than $1 million. A more recent endeavor is his Outdoor Wish Foundation, which allows underprivileged children, war veterans, or anyone deserving of a great hunting, fishing, or outdoor experience to attain their wish.

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Alumni Volunteers

Alumni who would like to volunteer their time for Career Day or any other alumni event at Jesuit, should use this online Alumni Volunteer Form to indicate his interest.

Career Day Speakers

Accounting Luis Ingles ’83
Digital Advertising / Social Media Advertising Alex Schott ’94 /
Ward Rice ’84
Architecture, Construction Management Charles Ruello ’69 /
John Segura ’99
Banking Graham Ralston ’93
Contemporary Entrepreneurship
Jeremy Mancheski ’90
IT – project management, programming, business systems,
Steven Mikes ’81
Software architecture-development
Al Vitter ’98
Gaming, Web Design, Digital Media
Evan Smith ’00
Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management Brian Doyle ’02
Dentistry Eric Macaluso ’94
Education Dale Smith ’81 /
Evan Stoudt ’07
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical
Alan Elmer ’05/
Mike Schafer ’05
Petroleum & Chemical
Brandon Hartmann ’05 /
Colin Hosli ’07
Film Industry Henry Griffin ’87
Wealth Management
Financial Advisor
Nick Danna ’94
Broadcast & Photo
Jeff Hamburger ’90 /
Gerald Herbert ’82
Law Brian McMillan ’90 /
Ryan Adams ’94
Medicine Will Newman ’93 /
Mike Hanemann ’93
Mental Health / Counseling Matthew Watson ’02
Military Patrick Huete ’84
Ministry Fr. John Brown, S.J.
Music Gregory Agid ’05
Non-Profit Management Gerald Duhon ’85 /
William Stoudt ’07
Pharmacy Eugene Landry ’97
Physical Therapy Jonathan Burke ’98
Politics Buddy Boe ’03
Sales / Medical Devices Joe Authement ’97
Sports Administration Richie Weaver
Career Talk to 8th, 9th, & 10th Nick Rauber ’98