Blue Jays Prepare to Elect Student Council Leadership for 2017-18 School Year

Posted March 28, 2017 / Last updated March 30, 2017

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Pictured here are the 2017-18 Student Council nominees: (standing, from left) junior Ben Finicle, sophomore William Bostick, junior Eddie Redmann, junior John Howell, junior Benton Moore, sophomore Neehar Desai, junior Leo John Arnett, junior Cooper Arnold, junior Paul Treuting, (seated, from left) junior Nathan Alvarez, junior Steven Baldwin, junior Matthew Frischhertz, sophomore Cole LaCour, junior Reese Leonhard, and junior Patrick Murray.

A Wednesday election may determine the leadership of the school’s Student Council for the next school year.

Blue Jay voters will head to the Student Commons Wednesday, March 29, to cast their ballots for the 2017 – 18 Student Council Executive Board (E-Board). Ballots can be cast starting at 7:15 a.m. until the warning bell for homeroom and during the entire lunch period. Results will be announced at the end of the day. If necessary, a run-off election will be held on Thursday, with the election’s full results available by Friday.

In preparation for voting day, underclassmen spent Tuesday morning listening to E-Board candidate speeches in the Jesuit Auditorium. Candidates were required to limit their speeches to less than two minutes. The E-Board hopefuls submitted their rough drafts for speeches nearly two weeks ago and spent last week rehearsing. At the rehearsals they were given feedback and suggestions by several faculty and staff members.

Office of Secretary

The secretary’s tasks include recording the minutes of all meetings and meeting attendance, preparing morning announcements, maintaining bulletin boards, and preparing correspondence with other schools as needed. The candidates for secretary are sophomore William Bostick, junior Ben Finicle, junior John Howell, and junior Benton Moore.

Office of Treasurer

The treasurer oversees the counting and recording of all money at functions and maintains the Student Council’s financial record, including income from soft drink machines, dances, and Student Council activities. The candidates for treasurer are sophomore Neehar Desai and junior Eddie Redmann.

Office of Vice President

The vice president supports the work of the Student Council through leading meetings in the absence of the president, chairs committees, and acts as the Student Council representative to all other co-curricular organizations. This may include providing leadership training for the officers of other organizations or serving as the contact person for clubs, teams, and organizations. The candidates for vice president are junior Nathan Alvarez, junior Steven Baldwin, junior Matt Frischhertz, sophomore Cole Lacour, junior Reese Leonhard, and junior Patrick Murray.

Office of President

The president presides at all meetings and functions of the Student Council, coordinates the work of the executive board, makes appointments to committees and vacant offices, and acts as the student body’s representative. The candidates for president are juniors Leo John Arnett, Cooper Arnold, and Paul Treuting.

Candidate Requirements

While former members of the executive board look back on their time on the board with fond memories, it’s not all fun and games. Students applying for candidacy must face rigorous criteria and complete an exacting process.

Potential candidates must:

  • have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • maintain good conduct — having no suspensions in the current and previous academic year and no Saturday Penance Halls in the current year
  • obtain the signatures of two current Jesuit faculty members who verifying the candidate is in good standing with Jesuit High School
  • obtain the signature of a parent/legal guardian verifying they are aware of the candidacy and the commitments required of elected officers
  • attend a mandatory campaign workshop
  • attend a Jesuit Student Council Workshop during the summer

Its purposes are to:

  • serve as a unifying agency in support of all school activities
  • foster in the students the ideals of Jesuit High School and to inspire the highest type of school spirit
  • provide a means of creating better fellowship and understanding between faculty and students and among the students themselves
  • provide a greater opportunity for self-government and experience in democratic practices by affording a realistic representation of the views of the student body
  • develop in its members the ideals and practice of Christian leadership

The Student Council is moderated by Mr. Justin Genovese ’04 and Ms. Khanh Nguyen.