Preliminary Student Schedules, Emergency Data Sheets, & Book Lists for 2016-2017 School Year

Posted July 7, 2016 / Last updated August 12, 2016

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Preliminary student schedules, preliminary book lists, and Emergency Data Sheets will be emailed to all parents in mid-July.

These reports will not be posted online as in years past, as Jesuit is moving from Moodle to the Canvas learning management system. As Jesuit prepares for this transition over the summer, usernames and passwords previously used to access grades and courses will not be valid. Students will create their Canvas accounts on Book Day. Parents will be emailed instructions to create a new parent account at a later date.

Emergency Data Sheet

It is important that you review the information on the Emergency Data Sheet and make any corrections before returning it signed on Book Day. Verify that all information is correct and make any changes if necessary. Students who have two Emergency Data Sheets must return both on Book Day. The Emergency Data Sheet(s) must be printed, signed and returned on Book Day (regardless of whether corrections are made).

Preliminary Schedules and Book Lists

The purpose of this preliminary student schedule is to allow you the final opportunity to check and correct your name, address, telephone number, and list of subjects for which students are scheduled. No other changes can be made at this time.

Additionally, the preliminary book list is made available so students may determine which books they already have and which books they still need to buy. A book list tailored to the final schedule will be issued with the final schedule on Book Day.

Summer Mailing and Book Day

In the Summer Mailing sent in mid-July, each student and his parents will receive a packet of information about the upcoming school year.

This mailing includes: the Bulletin (outlining policies and procedures), a letter from principal Peter Kernion describing Book Day procedures for students, and a letter from President Fr. Anthony McGinn, S.J. to parents about school events and activities.

Once this packet is mailed, Book Day forms and details will be posted on the website.

Important Dates for Students

Tuesday, Aug. 2 Used Book Drop Off Day (optional)
Wednesday, Aug. 3
Used Book Sale (optional)
Tuesday, Aug. 9 Book Day – Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores
Wednesday, Aug. 10 Book Day – Freshmen and Pre-Freshmen
Thursday, Aug. 11 New Students’ Orientation Day
Friday, Aug. 12 First Day of School
Saturday, Aug. 27 Freshman Retreat (mandatory)
Friday, Sept. 2 Mass of the Holy Spirit
Saturday, Sept. 24 Pre-freshman Retreat (mandatory)

Used Book Sale

Book Day

Student Life Event Calendar

School Calendar